People who stay with us tell us that one of the greatest charms of Puerto Peña Campsite is its location. The inmediate surroundings bring together several areas of Special Bird Protection, such as Orellana-Sierra de Pela, Puerto Peña- Golondrinos, Sierra de Siruela or La Serena. What's more, there are many interesting spots for birdwatching such as the environment in Moheda Alta or the “Ecological corridor of Guadalupejo”.

Different ecosystems surround us (rocks, meadows dotted with holm oaks and cork oaks, steppes,... ) with their own plant and animal life. But what makes this spot special and different is the great number and variety of birds.

One of the most amazing experiences when visiting Puerto Peña Campsite is that from the pitches and bungalows you can enjoy the stunning view of birds flying above without the use of binoculars. Several couples of black storks, tawny vultures, eagles, falcons (halcon peregrinus) and egyptian vultures among others live and breed in Puerto Peña Rock, just opposite the campsite. So, isn't worth coming? Puerto Peña is a veritable paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers alike!


The five large reservoirs around Puerto Peña offer a selection of types of fishing from the land or boat.

The lakes Cijara, García Sola, Orellana, Zújar and La Serena, as well as various other smaller lakes, like Sierra Brava, Ruecas or Gargáligas, offer practically every species you could wish for on a perfect day's fishing in any season: Black-bass, carp or pikes.